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Patagon - Step sequencer synth
FM / Analog synth sequencer with 16 steps.

Make electronic arpeggios, pads, acoustic instruments, etc.. The sequencer, LFO and Tremolo are synchronized to the tempo.



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Dec 05 2012
  3  / 5
I really love this plugin, but ... on the "006 preset" (quena flute) appears a bouring "pluck" noise when playing staccato mode. The same thing appears in many other presets too and parameter changes do not solve this problem. Why?
Solcito Musica
Feb 07 2013
Dear friend: Patagon is one of my first VSTis. At that time I had not yet learned certain things. Its design is complex, and it is easier to make a new synth to correct their mistakes. Therefore, this is a completed project. Thanks for writing about him!. IF you want more quality, please download another recent projects from my site. Greetings from Patagonia Argentina, Gustavo Valletto
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