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Thumb Piano - Thumb piano
It is a Thumb Piano, aka Mbira and originates from Africa.

I used a photo of the actual instrument I have, recorded and edited the actual notes to use with the vsti.  I have added some sound shaping tools (ADSR, chorus, and pitch shifter) as well.  You can down load the free vsti plugin dll at box.net by clicking on the image of the thumb piano below.

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Nov 10 2019
  freddy harry
  5  / 5
Audio code
Please type this code :

Feb 12 2019
  ?  / 5
IT works well in VSTHOST, 7notes on the keyboard, and will do the trick with a little reverb, nice to have for a wee bit of Africa's sounds, thank u

Mar 24 2015
  2  / 5
I only give 2 stars because you've managed to get the sound right. This plugin is definately a great start! I know you'll make it sound better. Try working on the 24key mbira, even you'll love that! Im even happy to contribute in any way.

Oct 20 2013
  Ph D(J) Music
  ?  / 5
Thanks Tastenclown for pointing that out. The instrument has a configurable midi key start out point (66). This will equate to the first note at C2 octave F# key. I had not tried it out in LMMS but installed it to test it and it works fine in Windows XP. Luke, I hope you can get it to work OK. Thank you for trying it out.

Aug 01 2013
  0  / 5
When I saw this plugin, I was super-excited because I've been looking everywhere for a kalimba sound. But this plugin was a big disappointment for me. Tried out in LMMS and the plugin is completely silent! I wish the plugin worked.
Oct 19 2013
Hey, regarding the sound: It responds by default to Keys 66 to 72 (F#' to C''). You can change that in the "Midi" field. Yes, it makes sound!
Jan 18 2014
I guess it does have sound, albeit only seven of them. Thanks for responding, but seven still isn't much.

Feb 11 2013
  ?  / 5
to be more specific it's originally from Zimbabwe, the word Mbira is from a Zimbabwean language called Shona
Ph D(J) Music
May 26 2013
Lizz, thanks for the clarifiction. Did you have a chance to use the plugin? Any comments regarding it? Thanks.