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The deputy Mark II
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The deputy Mark II - Classic string machine
The deputy Mark II is a plug-in in the tradition of classic string machines and early polyphonic synthesizers, written in native C++ code for high performance.
  • Polyphonic string/synthesizer (Poly) section and monophonic synthesizer (Mono) section.
  • Built-in Ensemble and Phaser effects.
  • Flexible keyboard assignment for Poly and Mono section.
Poly section:
  • Up to 61 voices polyphony.
  • Two band-limited frequency divider-driven oscillator banks.
  • Sawtooth and PWM waveforms.
  • 2-pole multi-mode filter and ADS envelope per voice.
  • Global ADSR envelope for paraphonic modulation.
  • Resonator bank (3 zero-delay feedback filters).
Mono section:
  • Single VCO plus suboscillator and noise.
  • 4-pole zero-delay feedback lowpass filter.
  • ADSR envelope and LFO.
  • Output of Poly section can be send to filter input.

(1.4 Mb)
  V 1.2.4
(1.4 Mb)
  V 1.2.4
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  V 1.2.4
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  V 1.2.4


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Feb 04 2019
  half horse half human
  5  / 5
I downloaded this 2 weeks ago. Since than it is the only plug in I use for strings.

Apr 26 2018
  Catfish Rustler
  5  / 5
It sounds great like everything else they put out. These guys are the legends.

Mar 31 2018
  Dave The Barbarian
  5  / 5
This is a great sounding plugin from a great developer. Not sure why it isn't rated higher.

Aug 02 2017
  4  / 5
This is a good plugin for strings & pads. At first it was an absolute CPU hog, but then I noticed that this was easily fixed by hiding the GUI. Plus, it's small in size (only a tad over 1 Megabyte).

Mar 30 2017
  0  / 5
Does not play well with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol - generates a crash.
Full Bucket
Apr 30 2017
Did you download the latest version?
Feb 20 2018
Hello Sir Full Bucket, could You consider developing a Korg MS-20 emulation in the future?? With polyphony, pretty please?? That would be absolutely amazing!!

May 25 2015
  Izzy Waan
  5  / 5
I've found myself using this on almost every project... I don't know how realistic this is but to my ears sounds just right.....

Feb 03 2015
  Bad Pritt
  3  / 5
Seems to be an emulation of the Siel Cruise and the identic built Sequential Circuits Fugue. In comparison with those it sounds ok, but the original machines solo sections were totally brilliant and unique.

Jun 15 2014
  5  / 5
This is the business. Some great sounds and a flexible vst, all sliders and controls are easy to read and navigate around. A must have if playing live due to the split mode. Download and enjoy :)

Mar 22 2014
  5  / 5
Full Bucket truly has his/their shit together! This thing is awesome just like all other Full Bucket vsts!

Feb 19 2014
  ?  / 5
Very good sound.

Nov 26 2013
  4  / 5
A new favorite. You can actually split the keyboard into lead and pad which is useful live.

May 30 2013
  Mr Tea
  5  / 5
The Best Sounding String Machine around!
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Jan 23 2013
  Official Nc Fx
  5  / 5
Awesome Vst! A must try!