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Dust Bucket - Stereo chorus
Dust Bucket is an experimental dual-path stereo chorus, also capable of rudimentary thru-zero flanging and other simple modulation effects.

Like a bucket-brigade device, it uses fixed length delays with modulated sample-rate. It does not attempt to be a circuit model however; the delays are true stereo and it is designed for clean sound without any non-linear behavior.

It should take automation of most parameters reasonably well. A fairly fast CPU is recommended.

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Apr 04 2020
  zayed ghareib
  5  / 5
Cool good work

Oct 08 2013
  4  / 5
Крутая штука!
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May 23 2013
  5  / 5
Awesome unit. Very warm sound and pretty versatile. A neat layout with enough options to alter you incoming audio signal ( don't forget to play around with the phase knob (0%/50%(!!!) = 90 phase shift/100%) while doing this). If you are looking for something more digital and metallic I can recommend you the RoChor from Osiris. If you need "moar" knobs for your chorus design then maybe Azurite by distorque is for you. Now you know all my "goto" chorus units and they all sound different. Good job Signaldust. Love your device on my synths.

Mar 07 2013
  4  / 5
This is a very smooth chorus with just enough flavor of its own to merit adding to your FX folder, even if you already have other chorus plugins.