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Pro-SoloVst - ARP Pro Soloist emulation
Pro SoloVst  reproduces the monophonic analog preset synthesizer ARP Pro Soloist.

The sound engine of the Pro SoloVst is a software emulation of the real analog algorithms implemented inside the original instrument: VCO, resonators, filters, VCF, VCA and analog effects. So you can hear and feel analog-like warm sounds coming out from a set of 30 voices corresponding to the presets of the synthesizer.

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  V 2.04


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Aug 03 2014
  den makes music
  ?  / 5
It's a pleasure to retrieve those sounds that Tony Banks used in Genesis Seconds Out live for example.
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Jul 21 2013
  5  / 5
This is great, especially if you add a bit of reverb. Wonderful for reproducing those early Genesis synth sounds!
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