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Pro-SoloVst - ARP Pro Soloist emulation
Pro SoloVst  reproduces the monophonic analog preset synthesizer ARP Pro Soloist.

The sound engine of the Pro SoloVst is a software emulation of the real analog algorithms implemented inside the original instrument: VCO, resonators, filters, VCF, VCA and analog effects. So you can hear and feel analog-like warm sounds coming out from a set of 30 voices corresponding to the presets of the synthesizer.

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  V 2.04


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Apr 22 2016
  5  / 5
Lots of fun patching this in LMMS to play old Genesis MIDIs: Riding the Scree = Telstar + Portamento + Octave Up 1 then switch to Fuzz Guitar 1
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Mar 07 2015
  David S
  5  / 5
My dad used to have one of these. I played it for years, first just messing around as a kid, and then later once I had some nice effects to run it through it sounded really nice on some of my own tracks. It's been years since I've played it, but these really do sound pretty close to what I recall. I remember the trombone sounding nicer, but I'm fairly spoiled now with all this digital stuff. Unfortunately he dumped it at a garage sale like 15 years ago with the ARP Omni2. Some lucky enthusiast has it now. At least he still has his B3 and Rhodes!
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Aug 03 2014
  den makes music
  ?  / 5
It's a pleasure to retrieve those sounds that Tony Banks used in Genesis Seconds Out live for example.
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Jul 21 2013
  5  / 5
This is great, especially if you add a bit of reverb. Wonderful for reproducing those early Genesis synth sounds!
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