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midi-shape-shifter - Configurable MIDI data processor
MIDI Shape Shifter is a powerfull MIDI plugin for mapping, generating and transforming MIDI data.

Its simple and flexible interface is capable of satisfying a wide range of MIDI needs. For example, MIDI Shape Shifter could be used to:
  • Apply a velocity curve.
  • Generate an LFO.
  • Create mappings between ranges of MIDI data.
  • Filter out specified MIDI data.
  • Apply midi compression or gate effects.
  • Automatically harmonize notes.
  • Create split/dual keyboard.
  • Transpose.
  • Control multiple parameters with a single knob.
  • etc.

(1.8 Mb)
  V Beta 1.0.10
(1.8 Mb)
  V Beta 1.0.10


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Apr 07 2019
  5  / 5
The definitive plugin for MIDI data morphing, from complex mapping to generation, and even better: for free!

Jan 18 2019
  Gink Fandango
  5  / 5
Gawd I wish there was a manual or a proper tutorial video series on this. It seems brilliant but it`s made for people way smarter/better educated than me I guess :( I can only do what he does in this video, or variations of it. I`ll give it five stars anyways, I think the guy deserves it.

Sept 09 2017
  5  / 5
This tool is amzing. But it's too complex. And has no good instructions. He helped me to create a special script for it. I would not ever understand how to create it. Because he does not explain anywhere how his formulas works.
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Jan 12 2016
  ?  / 5
I recogniced a delay, too. But only, if a note-translation or velocity filter is active.

Nov 18 2015
  ?  / 5
Awesome tutorial. I'm looking forward to using this plugin. Thanks a million!!!

Dec 05 2013
  ed lamb
  ?  / 5
Is there a note delay function. Whereby the note starts 1/4 note later for instance than the midi key is depressed. This would be used for 4 synth voices on different midi channels, each one delayed and pitchshifted by a fifth for example.