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Humanisator - Groove quantizer
Humanisator works as some kind of anti-quantizer, bringing more human feel into sequenced notes.

You can define how much and in what range Humanisator should alter the timing, velocity, pitch and modulation of the MIDI stream, allowing very natural sounding and interesting phrases to be created easily!

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  V 1.0


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Dec 10 2017
  ?  / 5
I messed around with it a bit, and it sounds as if it isn't even effecting the sound. Not sure whether it's a problem with the VST or my DAW, though it's probably the VST.
Feb 19 2018
Make sure you put it before the instrument vsti and press the buttons near every controller in the Humanisator vst
Shakey J
Jun 22 2018
How do you "put it before the instrument vsti"? I've added it as an effect and even with all the buttons on it doesn't change the sound at all in Music Creator 6 with Windows 10
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Jun 23 2016
  FL User
  ?  / 5
Did not worked for me on FL studio 12
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