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Piggle - Phase distortion synth
Piggle is a phase distortion synth.

Warm & organic, clean or distorted...
  • ADSR section controls the VCA (volume).
  • OCTAVIA rectifies the signal, creating a distorted upper-harmonic.
  • FUZZ engages the fuzz circuit (the amount of fuzzing is very velocity-sensitive).
  • FUZZ-BOOST doubles the amount of gain in the fuzz-circuit (obviously this doesn't work when the "FUZZ" is off).
  • RING ringmodulates the signal coming from the oscillator with the signal coming from the resonator. An LFO fades this effect in & out of the mix. The LFO & overall mix are controlled with the RATE, DEPTH & MIX-knobs next to the "ring"-button).
  • FILTER engages an LFO-controlled lowpass-filter (the RATE & DEPTH-knobs affect this LFO).
  • STEREO-RES: when on, the filter of the right channel has a slightly higher resonance value, creating a subtle stereo-effect.

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May 26 2014
  4  / 5
This VSTi is very useful for live performances. It has very nice effects, is easy to use and the midi decay is awesome! A must-have for the live artists.
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Dec 01 2013
  The one who knows
  4  / 5
All of these VST from shuttleplug are really cool, dark, mysterious, haunting, strange but great quality... I consider pro level vst. The cabinet artwork is really cool, they spent a lot of time designing these. I know most of the electronic music producers make hip hop or techno, so I dont think these will work for you, they are made for creative minds not copy cats. I don't see they have many downloads, I guess that is what separates real musicians from the faking copycatters.