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Venom VB-303
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Venom VB-303 - 303 bass line style
Venom VB-303 is inspired by the classic Roland 303 Bass Line synthesizer.

The VB-303 Synthesizer has a very simple single-voice structure. The Sequencer controls the synthesizer using 3 signals: Gate / Pitch / Accent. It's possible to bypass the pattern sequencer and use the VB-303 as a monophonic synthesizer. There are a few controls on the rear panel:

  • TM3 – Filter cutoff offset.
  • TM4 – Oscillator pitch offset.
  • TM5 – Oscillator pitch width.
  • RESO BOOST – Filter feedback boost.
  • DC-CLICK BE GONE – Removes the small DC offset between the Filter and Amplifier.
  • SLIDE TIME – Adjusts the Slide speed.
At the end of the Synthesizer audio chain, there is a Multi-Distortion unit (bypassable) and a 1st order HP filter with a downsampling FIR filter which mimics an usual audio interface ADC.

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Dec 12 2016
  1  / 5
The sound is fine, but if you're more interested in actually making music than trying to figure out a needlessly complicated interface, you're better off with literally ANY other VST. This was a complete waste of time.

Nov 04 2016
  Jude Kuzma
  5  / 5
Brilliant VST replica of the famous TB-303 synth! Perfect for cutting-edge acid lines! I use this a lot in my productions. Well done, Antto! I give the VB-303 a straight 10/10! This is DEFINATELY a must-have!
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May 04 2015
  2  / 5
It's actually too realistic! I mean using my proper 303 is easier and it doesn't integrate well with my DAW. It should be easier to operate with automations and the piano roll. I want the sound, not the cumbersome sequencer.

Nov 25 2013
  ?  / 5
303 ok + gratis che volere di pił ma se migliorato potrebbe diventare com prezzo pop ma sarebbe bello 303 potenziato ad oggi non semplice basso ma strumento chissà per ora grazie del suo lavoro e di averlo condiviso.

Sept 13 2013
  ?  / 5
It's almost impossible to figure out. Also, the fact you need to input a code to run it from midi is worse than a keygen. Demoralizing. Therefore I'd rather use anything else.

May 01 2013
  5  / 5
Best 303 emulation since re-birth, actually has a better sound than the rest. #1 303 emu yet and it's FREE.
Jan 14 2014
?? Audio Realism & Phoscyon both existed for a long time and sound better than this. This is the best Free one.

Apr 30 2013
  5  / 5
Absolutely the BEST TB-303 emulator since rebirth... maybe even better.