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Mixed Reaction! - Wav player
Mixed Reaction! is a DJ Style 4-Track Wav File Player/Recorder.

Four 16/24-bit Wav File Players. 16/24-bit Wav File Recorder.
  • BPM Calibrated Pitch Sliders With +/- Bend
  • Turntable Style/Slider Adjustable Cueing
  • Variable Depth Cue/Scratch Wheels
  • Time Variable Auto Fade/X-Fade
  • Fade/X-Fade Linked Auto Player Start
  • Manual Adjustable Start/Fade Position
  • Built-In Metronome

(5.4 Mb)


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Dec 04 2013
  ?  / 5
Didnt work for me on win7-64bit FL11.
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Jan 04 2010
  ?  / 5
It doesn't work proper for me with window 7.
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Oct 07 2009
  chemical mike
  ?  / 5
This will be the second time i download this. Looks like a cool tool to have, but i had problems getting it to work before. hopefully i will have more success this time.
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