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Cedr - 16 step sequencer synth
Cedr is a 2 oscillator subtractive synthesizer with a 16 step pitch sequencer.

The sequencer can also be fed to several other of the synthesizer’s controls. Cedr was created with chip tune in mind. This is reflected in the look and feel of the instrument and of course, most importantly the sound.

The pitch sequencer can be turned on or off for each oscillator allowing for greater flexibility in sound creation. Bit crush and delay effects also add to the degraded yesteryear quality of Cedr. Other controls include a step sequencer step envelope giving the user the ability to create a range of sounds from choppy arps to strange pads and textures. 5 modulation slots also allow midi control routing, such as, key follow, velocity and aftertouch.
  • 2 oscillators each consisting of: 4 waveforms, pitch control, pulse width, oscillator mix, pan and sync.
  • Step sequencer control, pitch on/off, gate on/off, static pitch.
  • State variable filter: Low pass, band pass and high pass modes, cut off ADSR generator, sequencer to cut off amount.
  • Effects: Bit crusher and delay.

(5 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Apr 09 2017
  Thomas Strauß
  ?  / 5
Great Vst-Synth! I connected the output from soundcard to a 2-pole analog filter and the output of this filter to speakers.

Feb 03 2017
  5  / 5
If you're willing to do a little bit with the elements... the results are fantastic..!

May 24 2016
  4  / 5
Good sounds. Gr8 works!
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Oct 06 2014
  3  / 5
Great with the BCR 2000 controller !!

Oct 05 2014
  Space Pilot
  ?  / 5
Great for intros and background ambience for a silky "Tron" movie looking sound. I feel great when I use it!