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SGA1566 - Tube preamp
SGA1566 preamplifier is loosely based on a single channel all tube vintage preamplifier.

To achieve the most authentic analog sound, the whole circuit is simulated in real time using the high performance circuit simulator. This level of sound fidelity comes at a price of high CPU utilization. For cases where such a CPU hit is prohibitive, we have added a model that is significantly less CPU intensive but slightly less accurate than the circuit simulation.

Use SGA1566 preamp to add warmth to a track, as a saturation compressor, or to add "dirt" with tube overdrive.
  • Authentic analog sound through real-time high-performance circuit simulation.
  • Preamp featuring two 12AX7 voltage amplification stages.
  • CPU friendly model of the circuit.
  • Two-band active Baxandall EQ that can be placed either at the beginning or at the end of the signal chain.
  • Up to 4x oversampling.
  • Mono or stereo processing mode.

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  V 1.0.8
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  V 1.0.8
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  V 1.0.8
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  V 1.0.8


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Sept 05 2019
  ?  / 5
This is incredible. If you want to add a professional finish to your master, get and use this. It adds both a richness and clarity to the master. Inhibits even 24 core hyperthreading computer in performance. But it's so worth it!!! : )
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May 16 2019
  5  / 5
This preamp is insanely good. It behaves exactly like I wanted since I started mixing. And it is free! Amazing.

May 08 2019
  ?  / 5
Beautifull, and eat the CPU, but really good VST, do what say can do

Sept 19 2018
  Cliff Young
  ?  / 5
Wow! this tool sounds incredible!

Jun 29 2016
  Mauro Dechen
  5  / 5
This plugin is perfect. I just put it in the track, turn CPU to high and Oversampling 2x. This gives a real analog feel and cut off the peaks. I'm using it a lot, especially on snare drums! Well, two instances open and my DAW is like having an stroke. I have to render each track after putting the vst. Apparently that happens due to the very powerful circuit simulation. And I don't care. Sounds gorgeous. This is my favorite vst and it's a big gift. Thanks!

Nov 04 2015
  4  / 5
Great pre-amp VST. Better than the TSE 808 tube-screamer emulator. Does need a lot of CPU. Oversampling can introduce hiss so be careful of it.