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Cute Emily Guitar
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Cute Emily Guitar - Electric guitar
Cute Emily Guitar is a sampled electric guitar.

This is an Epiphone SG type electric guitar sampled by Karoryfer. As it was recorded dry, use a guitar amp sim after this plug-in.

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Sept 02 2018
  Will L
  4  / 5
I'm piping this through GTR and it sounds great to my ears. Of course I'd rather have a real guitar player but it's hard to sober them up.

Sept 14 2017
  5  / 5
love it, saw a youtube where they set it up to make it sound like notes were being played backwards, nice versatility, simple, good for what it is, Bigcat is amazing.

May 13 2017
  Jerry Casher
  5  / 5
My first choice when I need a backup guitar. People that doesnt know how to use it, setup with a guitar amp, like amplitube or guitarpro and reverb, and you will have a nice sound.

Sept 08 2016
  The Music Wizard
  4  / 5
I don't see why this has a bad review. At least it has velocity layers. This works pretty well for leads, and as long as you don't go too mad with the velocity, it sounds pretty good, especially when put through an amp sim like boogex.

Jun 22 2016
  2  / 5
I dont really like this plugin when I downloaded it, the plugin was different then what I expected, I hoped that I could get the blues guitar sound but it aint even close when I try :(

Jan 12 2016
  ?  / 5
It s a blues guitar xd
Jun 10 2016
A pretty crappy one. More like this guitar give you the blues (you no longer want to write music after hearing it)
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