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Project16 Picked Bass
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Project16 Picked Bass - Bass guitar
Project16 Picked Bass is a sampled Rickenbacker 4001 bass played with a pick.

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Mar 05 2018
  ?  / 5
well, if you actually put a tuner on it... then it says its out of tune..

Oct 16 2017
  3  / 5
Sounds pretty good.

Mar 22 2017
  Bass Lover
  ?  / 5
Neither my version of the Fingered or the Picked RIck from BigCat are out of tune. Have used both with many VSTs and it is in tune with them all.

May 14 2016
  Rick lover
  3  / 5
I use this by placing the picked version on one track, the fingered version on another track, both using the same midi file. I also put the fingered track through a bass amp / bass cab simulation VST, and put the picked version through a guitar amp / guitar cab simulation VST, and adjust the volume of both tracks, to get a "best of both worlds" sound that is reasonably close to a classic rickenbacker sound of the 70's, like Mike Rutherford or Chris Squire (though it will never sound as amazing as Chris's sound, due to his playing style, etc). An amazing VST, both picked and fingered. Thanks for Project16 for sampling his guitar and to BigCat for making it available in VST format for those of us who do not use Kontact.
May 23 2016
Fancy, but did you notice that those two vsti are out of tune? They are pretty much useless.
Rick Lover
Jan 14 2017
This bass is NOT out of tune. Neither the picked version nor the fingered version. I have used it with lots of other VSTs and it is in tune with all of them. You may be using it with other VSTs that ARE out of tune, but this bass VST is not.

Mar 11 2016
  3  / 5
Growly, twangy bass. That's it. Works OK.

Dec 26 2015
  3  / 5
Is it me or this is slightly out of tune?

Dec 16 2015
  Nishan BD
  1  / 5
bad !!! :(

Nov 14 2015
  5  / 5
Probably the best bass sound I've ever had. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a good bass guitar AU plugin.
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