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Redtron SE
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Redtron SE - Mellotron M400S
Redtron SE uses samples recorded from a 1973 Mellotron M400S.

The samples have been cleaned (not too much) by removing an annoying 60Hz hum and some unwanted "clicks" and "pops" here and there.
  • Nine sound types : MKII Flute, MKII 3 Violins, M400 Cello, MKII Brass, M400 Combined Choir, M400 String Section, M400 Woodwinds, M300A Violins, M300B Violin.
  • No loops : like the original Mellotron, each sound is eight seconds long with, in many cases, "the bad endings".
  • Exclusive "Mellotronic Click Switch" (MCS).
  • Layer (two sounds A & B) and split possibilities (octave shift).
  • Independent parameters for sound A & B.
  • Full MIDI automation.
  • Global Volume control.
  • Global Tone control.
  • Global Pitch control.
MCS : On real Mellotrons, Click can be heard at the beginning of a note, when the tape comes in contact with the replay head. On REDTRON SE, these clicks are randomly generated when you hit a key : you don't hear twice the same and they can appear on any note. A rotary knob allows you to control the effect intensity (of course, you can also completely disable it ). Note : this function is inactive when the attack parameter is set to any value different from zero.

(149.8 Mb)
  V 1.5


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Nov 10 2017
  ?  / 5
it wont show up in my plugins i have fl studio 12.4 and i extracted it into the generator folder but it doesnt seem to work
Nov 14 2017
I think it might be because your fl studio is running in 64 bit. I am having the same issue does not appear in my ableton.
grimm eerie
Jan 15 2018
it's because it goes in the vst folder silly. not the generator folder.

Nov 10 2017
  ?  / 5
Please tell me how to install
Lil Pump
Nov 10 2017
When you unrar it, you get a .dll file and a folder. Make sure to put both of these on the same folder where ALL your vst's are installed!

Nov 10 2017
  ?  / 5
Based Gutta told me to get this
Nov 10 2017
me too. and ill do anything he says, kinda like he does with metro

Sept 16 2017
  1  / 5
Sry, no clean sounding plugin!

Jun 25 2017
  ?  / 5
love this vst and use it loads, wonderful string sounds and i also like choirs as well, fantastic stuff for a freebie, many thanks artifake

May 01 2017
  ?  / 5
Beautiful! 64 bit please.

Mar 13 2017
  Psychedelic Odin
  5  / 5
This is a brilliant Mellotron emulator. It uses original Chamberlin era recordings and sounds fantastic. This is brilliant, honestly. Thank you Artifake.

Jan 17 2017
  Mellotron Lover
  ?  / 5
This VST is amazing, I finally get to own a mellotron :) BTW... they also have some other versions on their page, including an version of this one that DOES have loop / no loop option... and an MKV which is a 'double M400' - King Crimson used to tour with two of these in 1973/74. It has some great presets, like the "trick of the tail" choir sound and some Rick Wakeman sounds - and King Crimson sounds, of course. Amazing VSTs from Redtron... the only "bad" thing about any of them is that you cannot load two instances (ie: one on track 01, another on track 02) at the same time. You just have to 'render' the first track then set up the second track with the VST. I cannot thank Redtron enough for making ahd sharing these Tron VSTs.. amazing stuff :)

Jan 08 2017
  ?  / 5
Super sons , merci !!!

Jan 04 2017
  Mellow Yellow
  5  / 5
I had a real Mellotron but threw it out of my hotel window after trying this VSTi.

Dec 12 2016
  ?  / 5
Outstanding. Hard to believe it's free. "I'm a melancholy man... that's a what I am... all the world surrounds me and...I think I understand..." (Mellotron fans will get it)

Apr 22 2016
  5  / 5
Another great on to play using LMMS and Genesis MIDI files. Includes presets for classics like Watcher of the Skies

Mar 31 2016
  5  / 5
Sounds amazing, love this.

Feb 03 2016
  5  / 5
Just came across this thing. It's a beauty!

Jan 25 2016
  5  / 5
Fantastic. Sounds just like the mighty 'tron and some great presets.
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