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OMB2 - Electric bass guitar
Om Bass 2 is an electric bass guitar plug-in.
  • Studio sampled bass guitars.
  • 128 Presets.
  • Graphic EQ.
  • Flanger.
  • Delay.
  • Tremelo.
  • Distortion.
  • Tone velocity.
  • Adjustable string buzz/rattle.
  • Mod Wheel Programmable.
  • Midi Learn.

(30.3 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Dec 18 2019
  5  / 5
Не плохо!- В копилку!
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Sept 13 2018
  ?  / 5
Something wrong with this one. On opening in my DAW I get an endless cycle of synthedit error messages until I close the DAW with task manager (Cakewalk).
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Mar 07 2017
  Bass Lover
  ?  / 5
Great sounding bass. A few presets sound like a "fake" bass on a synth, but some like the fretless, are really good sound. Love how you can move the plectrum to choose where you will be "picking" or "fingering" in relation to the pickups. I was hoping the string rattle would be authentic, but it sounds like bad static even at the lowest volume on the effect. Overall, a great sounding bass, well worth having.
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Nov 25 2016
  Loopita Sampling
  5  / 5
Probably the best of all, easy to use, good sound, no CPU "eater" a lot,versatile....for all kind of styles...use it!!..you like!!!...if you lose a little bit of your time and make the correct adjustments will be your favourite!!!..Thanks a lot Samsara...
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Aug 23 2016
  Mr. Mark
  ?  / 5
Number one free bass
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Apr 11 2016
  4  / 5
Sounds good with a bass amplifier + cab simulator.
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