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Graillon FE - Vocal live changer
Graillon Free Edition is a vocal live changer that brings a world of possibilities right into your DAW with carefully designed features.
  • Pitch Shifter cleanly transpose a voice up and down, and has been optimized for voice.
  • Pitch Correction module brings an immediate robotic sound, while the Bitcrusher addition softly add sparkles to the mix.
  • More features are unlocked in the full edition.

  V 2.1
  V 2.1
  V 2.1
  V 2.1


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Aug 26 2018
  ?  / 5
This is the most underrated tool I know. Replaced all of the auto tune stuff (I mix a lot of hiphop and modern music). Even the free version of this is better than any of the other pitch changer. If you don't get a good sound out of this one, it's totally on you. Don't wanna advertise my own stuff, so check in yt/spotify/google/lycos for who I am working for and do yourself a favor and download that plugin.
Dec 31 2018
Hey ;) I am NOT "dealing in" HipHop but rather Modern Classic as well as Classic Rock. However, I've read your comment on this tool being "underrated" - you are so damn right! Thx a mill for your hint, highly appreciated, you were helping me a lot. F-l-e-u-r
Jan 30 2019
Great! would be interested how you use it. If you read this, please send me some of your work to info @ konbeatz.de

Nov 04 2017
  5  / 5
AMAZING COMPANY <3 <3 <3 More Sound Toys Please <3 <3 <3

Oct 30 2016
  Experienced Vocalist
  0  / 5
This VST is pointless. All features are locked and there is no octaver happening at all. It's good to add grit to your voice or if you want to destroy your melody into a cheap robot grunting. Try again, or allow more features so we might actually be exciting about upgrading to the full deal.
Auburn Sounds
Aug 09 2017
The 2.0 version changed that.
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Sept 16 2016
  Loopita Sampling
  ?  / 5
So interesting VST to add special FX with the voice recordings. Useful.