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Spaceship Delay
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Spaceship Delay - Multi-mode delay
Spaceship Delay is a multi-mode delay featuring classic modern and vintage sounding delays.
  • Three delay modes: single, ping pong and dual / stereo.
  • Standard delay effects controls such as the delay time in ms and in time subdivisions, the feedback (up to 110 % !), a tap tempo button etc.
  • A modulation section.
  • An attack control allowing the user to feed the delay line only when the input volume is higher than a given threshold.
  • A spring reverb modeled from a famous tape machine (not that one, another one).
  • An advanced filtering section including standard lowpass and highpass filters, shelf filters, and the simulation of two famous synthesizer filters (not these ones either, other ones).
  • A specific "modeling" section giving access to different kind of delay line and saturation colourations, featuring a bitcrusher and a tube preamp simulation.
  • A "Freeze" switch which can be used for some creative effect or to transform the effect into a looper with high delay values.
  • Post effects such as extra filters and a vintage phaser.
  • A few presets and a tutorial embedded in the plug-in.
It can be used as a typical delay for mixing vocals, adding some depth to drums, guitars, synth sounds, but also as a more creative effect, thanks to the attack control, even as a looper thanks to the freeze switch and the very long maximum delay sizes.

(6.6 Mb)
  V 1.0.6
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  V 1.0.6
(3.7 Mb)
  V 1.0.6
(3.7 Mb)
  V 1.0.6


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Nov 07 2018
  5  / 5
Cool Bro! I have this delay on sandwiches at school and it's awesome! All the kids want some!

Aug 30 2018
  5  / 5
Amazingly high quality delay! Try it now!

Jul 12 2018
  5  / 5
Best FREE Delay + ! Many hardware delay units in one plugin! Great work!

Jul 05 2018
  5  / 5
Owning many hardware delays/echoes, including an RE-301, Malekko 616, PCM81 and Line6 echo pro, I can honestly say this is one of the best delays out there for working ITB, imho. I wasn't keen on the reverb initially, choosing to use KSP IRs instead, but it has its uses. Along with ExpertSleepers PingPong delay, this plug is hard to beat. Don't be fooled by the fact it's free, this is a serious plugin...

Jan 19 2017
  3  / 5
CPU Killer !

Jan 18 2017
  5  / 5
It's a great effect!
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Dec 28 2016
  5  / 5
Poor man's echo boy? Can't complain for da price!

Dec 23 2016
  5  / 5
Very creative delay indeed,lots of fun with this one while making my usual unusual sounds.