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MIDI Choir - MIDI controlled transposer
MIDI Choir is a MIDI controlled transposer.

It will take a single-pitched audio source and transpose it in real time according to the supplied MIDI notes.
  • Reliable ASDF pitch tracker with voiced/unvoiced recognition.
  • Pitch tracking indicator.
  • Separate processing of voiced vs. unvoiced input, thereby preserving a natural, intelligible sound.
  • Voiced input will be re-pitched according to the keys pressed.
  • Polyphony with unlimited number of voices.
  • Octave, semitone and fine tunig controls.
  • Built-in noise gate with indicator.
  • Built-in soft knee limiter with color-coded LED indicator.
  • Built-in stereo reverb with controls for room size, damping, stereo width and dry/wet mix.
  • Master volume control with output clipping indicator.
  • Stereo output with adjustable width.
  • MIDI input indicator for easier trouble shooting.
  • Effects may also be used without MIDI input.

(4.9 Mb)
  V 2.0


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Dec 12 2019
  soul muzic productions
  ?  / 5
Not worth it....
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Dec 13 2018
  Bo Johnson
  ?  / 5
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Nov 21 2017
  3  / 5
Only sends through left channel with Renoise 2.8
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Dec 18 2016
  Wing Yee
  4  / 5
I have the original Midi Vocalist by Digitech from the 90's, Midi Choir is very close to the real thing.
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