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200 Max - Buchla modular emulation
200 Max is a set of Buchla 200 modules.

This set of Buchla 200 module approximations is the largest number that will fit comfortably on most displays without scrolling. The selection of modules emphasizes variety of functions.
  • Two 258-style Dual Oscillators.
  • One 2-op FM / Modulation Oscillator combo.
  • Quad Envelope Generator.
  • Quad LoPass/VCA.
  • Dual Bandpass VCF.
  • Dual random voltage source.
  • Dual/Quad stepLFO/Pulse Source.
  • Dual CV Processor.
  • Ten Channel Comb Filter.
  • Six channel mixer.
The keyboard controls module is based on some of the functions of the 221 Kinesthetic Input Port, including the unique "2D Voltage Source", a joystick that outputs four distinct control voltages: from center up, from center down, from center left and from center right.

These are NOT intended to be a emulations of the sound or precise function of any Buchla modules or instrument; only a way to experience some of the unique 'West Coast' way of thinking about sound generation and alteration.

Patching is by drop-downs at each signal and CV input.

(3.7 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Feb 19 2020
  Kael Evar
  4  / 5
Nice one.

Nov 02 2019
  4  / 5
It is not a 5 stars but still...

Apr 25 2019
  1  / 5
What someone else said, CPU hog. Only about 1 out of 29 patch placements you make results in any difference in the sound. Gets boring fast. The GUI is ugly.
K Brown
Jun 11 2019
Those are all empty patch slots for saving your own - they contain no patches, so of course they all "sound the same!" Blame Don Buchla if you don't the GUI - it looks exactly like the modules they are based on.
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May 15 2017
  0  / 5
CPU hog, not very practical
May 15 2017
Interesting but yeah... gotta agree with the above... I suppose one could make stems but not sure it's really worth it..