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DPinga Bongo - Bongo / campana
DPinga Bongo is a set of bongo drums and a campana (hand cowbell) suitable for afro cuban / salsa music.
  • 16 Bongo sounds.
  • 10 Campana sounds.
  • Up to 8 velocity layers each.
  • 4x round robin.
  • Adjustable gain, tuning and pan per drum.
  • Adjustable envelope.



(39.5 Mb)
  V 0.9
(39.8 Mb)
  V 0.9
(40 Mb)
  V 0.9


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Aug 20 2017
  5  / 5
Great idea! And useful for more than just Latin or Salsa. Does anyone want to use the same idea to make a 'Ringo's Abbey Road Snare' plugin? If it sounded authentic, how great would that be! This is a top plugin, all 4 are great. Thanks a lot DPinga!
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