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PolyGAS - Granular synth / microtuning
PolyGAS (Polyphonic Granular Advanced Synthesizer) is based on a granular method of sound synthesis.
  • 32-part polyphony.
  • Support of files of samples in the WAV and AIFF formats, digit capacity of 8,16,24 and 32-bits / sample, mono / stereo. Files are supported only uncompressed by codecs.
  • The editor of the bending parameters of granular synthesis. 18 envelopes with the maximum quantity of nodes - 40 (in each envelope). Also there is a tab where it is possible to edit dependence of amplitude of the clicked key bending from a tonality. There is a possibility of synchronization of provisional regulations of nodes of envelopes with rate of composition in DAW.
  • Controlled randomization of parameters of granular synthesis.
  • Amplitude non-linear distortions, with a possibility of a type selection (a clipping, bit-crusher, etc.) - only 11 types.
  • The controlled universal filter allowing as manual installation of frequency of a cutoff (Cutoff) and a resonance (Reson), and by means of envelopes. There is a mode in case of which the frequency of a cutoff depends on a tonality of the clicked key. In the filter different types of filtering (LP, HP, BP, Comb The line of a time delay with modulation realizing effects of Delay and Flanger. There is a possibility of time synchronization of a time delay with rate of composition in DAW, and also the set modes of back coupling (Normal/CrossFeed) and the wave form of a modulating signal LFO (Sine/Triangle).
  • The reverberator creating high-quality spatial reverberation on Ambient Reverb Stone Voices technology.
  • The master the section including regulators of low and high frequencies, and also width of a stereobasis and the overall level.
  • The microtone setup using files of the VAZ/Anamark tuning format format (extension of *.tun and *.scl).
  • Tools for operation with banks and presets.
  • Support of MIDI controllers.
  • Detailed help manual.

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  V 2.2
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  V 2.2


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Mar 14 2019
  5  / 5
very gooooooooood

Jan 19 2019
  5  / 5
Very good synth for ambient or fx sound design. You can find more banks on the developer's site.

Dec 02 2018
  5  / 5
Brilliant granular synth! Thanks a lot Stone Voices! <3

Aug 10 2018
  Sasso Palmieri
  ?  / 5
Great synth but crashes in Cubase Pro 9.5 if you change presets. Cascade error windows.

Jul 24 2018
  ?  / 5
Neat synth if you look for more sound banks check the stone voices website there are some

Nov 22 2017
  Francis COUSAERT
  4  / 5
Very gooood but not enough presets !

Oct 05 2017
  ?  / 5
Had version 2.0 in Reaper and everything was perfect, but install version 2.2 and started to fail. In some theme I used 2.0, now when I load it with version 2.2 gives error and the program hangs.

Sept 19 2017
  Aby mathew
  5  / 5
Great Sounds but need more presets :)

Sept 08 2017
  5  / 5
Wonderful synthesizer! I love it. The sounds are phenomenal: great for pads and atmospheres.

Aug 24 2017
  Gravity Gas
  4  / 5
Sounds great, and it's fun to use. Now, if only it'd stOP MUTING MY PRESETS ONCE I SAVE THEM.

Aug 23 2017
  Ableton Lust
  2  / 5
Reverb Automation crashes in Ableton 9

Aug 21 2017
  Original Synth
  5  / 5
Excellent granular synth. Loads of nice presets, very pro sounding. Load in your own samples and mess around with the controls (particularly the distortion), makes some lovely, fat, original sounds. Thanks a lot Stone Voices!
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