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Shiny Dirt - Microtonal polyphonic synth
Shiny Dirt is a microtonal polyphonic synthesizer.

It has 128 presets, and 5.376 microtonal tuning options. Shiny Dirt is a no-nonsense introduction to microtonal synthesis,

It’s great for heavy bass, forceful leads, crystalline chimes, and more.

It is also all about the mod wheel. The mod wheel does something different on each preset.

(9.6 Mb)
  V 1.2


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Mar 08 2019
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Oct 26 2018
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I use a 64 bit system, so I tried using jBridger on this plugin, but it kind of breaks my computer. It keeps telling me auxhost.exe has stopped working, and when I try to bridge other plugins, it tells me that another ".dll" file isn't on the computer. As of typing this, I haven't found a way to fix it other than restarting, and I don't have the foggiest idea how I would actually be able to use it. If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate some help! :D
Oct 26 2018
I use FL Studio with its own IBridge. You could try downloading their demo version (which does not save) to see if that also exhibits problems with ShinyDirt in your system. I have had no problem with it. Try completely uninstalling JBridge, rebooting, and re-installing it.
Oct 29 2018
I use 32 bit plugins in Windows. You should put them in a 32 bit savihost (from Herman Seib's website) and run them on your desktop via loopmidi. Works well. If it's a chain you want Seib also has the VST host chaining program and he has a bridge for it. I use it a lot lately. Chains 32 to 64 bit no problems. Set your Audio outs in the savihost and if necessary use a virtual cable type audio patching program. Personally I use an actual patch at my interface which has lots of i/o. But what works for you works best.
Dec 10 2018
I have a 64-bit microtonal VST now. Give it a try: https://biptunia.com/?p=3990

Oct 19 2018
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Wriggles in all the wright places. Also, cats with red noses. Get it. Use a Keith McMillen keyboard with it. You will not be disappointed. Also get all the other BipTunia/Bipcot VSTs ShinyDirt, LuckyWorm, and MicrotonalPolyWorms.