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Alien Artifact
Win32    VST
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Alien Artifact - Ambient synth
Alien Artifact is a VST synth intended to inspire raw sonic creativity.

What does it sound like? What does it do? What happens when I press those alien keypads and move those green spheres?

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Mar 18 2017
  Blue Mama Beatz
  5  / 5
Sounds creepy!

Jul 08 2016
  5  / 5
I love this plug. Alien-GUI and tons of fun with new strange sounds!

Aug 14 2014
  5  / 5
Good sound, bad control /

Aug 26 2013
  Gray Alien
  2  / 5
Fun vst! Randomly plays weird and atmospheric sci-fi ambience. I experimented with it for hours and always generated new and unpredictable ambient sounds. Most useful for videogame music and sound effects.

Mar 09 2013
  2  / 5
Good vst for creation cosmic sound space !

Aug 23 2012
  Insidious I
  ?  / 5
I like random-and out of norm, I use modular synths. I suggest use a vst host with a wav. recorder, record your creations to your desktop then open your DAW and assign the wav. to a track. The same method I describe is perfect for modular synth, you never get the same sound twice-so, if you like a certain mix you make, always record your creations to your desktop, then create a folder, name it as you wish, then save the folders in your file you use for your sounds in your DAW-Hint####this how you can make loop sets that you can sell or upload for free swag from your band-I make loop sets to give away at my venues-many people who come to my shows are keyboardists, DJ's or EMCEE producers-or novices getting into the bizz-LOOPSETS that are different sounding than everyone else's is good extra money to buy new gear. It is good habit to record all your keyboard riffs, you will find instead of opening your DAW and wasting hours trying to midi track-you can just play all day in your host, working with your many synths, recording your riffs each by each and saving them, you can open the file later and then select the riffs that sound best in your works.

Sept 25 2011
  1  / 5
Not much if you ask me. Rather want to know what the hell I'm doing (wich slider does what?!) not doing something random, hoping it sounds acceptable.

Jan 03 2011
  4  / 5
This works great for all kinds of soundscapes and ambient sounds ... including backing sounds for games scores !!! Excellent !

Sept 01 2010
  In This Land of Rain
  4  / 5
It's not intended to be 'musical' in a traditional sense. It excels at creating weird atmospheres and textures. Perfect for soundscape work.

Oct 01 2009
  4  / 5
Absolutly weird but fantastic at the same time .... I`ve had hours of fun with this little gem !
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Feb 06 2009
  2  / 5
Well, I am not an expert in digital synthesizers. But I don't like this one. Sure, good for what it says it should do. But not in a tune except it is a totally ambient one...

Dec 13 2008
  4  / 5
Cool, hard to control, fun, not very musical but could be used in a musical fashion.