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Extremist - Guitar FX
Extremist is a VST multi-effect plugin for guitars. It's main purpose is distorting guitar signal to receive 'extremely heavy sound'

The effect works in stereo mode, without any latency. It uses 15-band stereo equalizer. Drive, Dry, Wet, Volume - amplification & mixing signals knobs. Feedback - level of signal feed back. Clip - clipping level. Reverb - stereofonic reverb effect, adjustable up to mid delay. Mid Boost - mid tones booster. Eq Q - width of equalizer each frequency band. Pre HPF - filtering low frequencies of effect input. Post LPF - filtering high frequencies of effect output. Noise gate - noise gate. Amp curve - amplification characteristic. Lock bars - operate equalizer sliders in mono/stereo. Post gating - noise gate applied before/after effect. Smoothing - signal smoothing (hiss reduction).

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Aug 16 2017
  5  / 5
Amazing for Electronic Synthwave

Jan 13 2015
  3  / 5
I'm feeling kind today so i'll give this a 3 out 5. Tbh there are better amp sims out here. The Eq section is a nice touch but tweaking this thing is just awkward, nothing makes sense or sound right. Nice presets but the GUI really turned me off. Like I said, im in a good mood today so 3 is the HIGHEST this sim is EVER gonna get.

Jan 25 2014
  ?  / 5
I couldn't get the amp sounds I was aiming for (with limited experimenting), BUT: the REVERB on this plugin sounded really good! The reverb sounded smoother and more natural than MANY reverb VST's I've tried. So, I'm keeping this plugin. Thanks to whoever took the time to make this, and I would also suggest you make a plugin featuring your reverb!

Dec 04 2011
  0  / 5
terrible. it makes so much noise it clips even when you don't play, and when you do you get so much hiss and static it is unbearable. if your looking for a heavy amp sim i recomend the DIG 2.0 suite or one of the nick crow amp sims. but not this

Oct 29 2011
  ?  / 5
Good saturated lead sounds warm at same time. Many others sounds awful when you crank up the distortion ,Not this one.Great thing. Soon im gonna test it moore..

Jan 12 2010
  0  / 5
Very trash, not clean
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