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SuperRiff Guitar - Electric guitar
SuperRiff Guitar contains a set of custom distorted electric guitar note samples.

At present SRG contains only 1 soundbank of samples. Each note on a keyboard from E1 to D5 can trigger three different guitar sample types depending on which one of 3 velocity values is triggered. (47 samples per type, 141 samples in total ).
  • Palm-muted single notes.
  • Open string single notes
  • Vibrated single notes.


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Jan 16 2013
  3  / 5
3 out of 5. The open guitar tone is not as good as I expected (specially after watching a demo on youtube). But the muted kicks ass! Reached some pretty good results combining the SuperRiff with GuitarRig5.
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Dec 06 2011
  5  / 5
Yes the mean issue is that itīs a free VST. And iīve been using it a lot. The sound of muted distorted guitar really works very good. Sounds like of Green Day or Ramones can be easely made. There is one setting, that i donīt like called the full setting.
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Sept 09 2011
  4  / 5
Not bad at all. I expected it to be much worse. Muted especially is quite usable.
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Sept 05 2010
  5  / 5
realmente esta aplicacion vtsi esta sarpada en buena, very cool!!!
Jul 02 2013
Si esta exelente, y la verdad es la unica que e encontrado de guitarra electrica free es lo mejor.
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Feb 26 2010
  1  / 5
Difficult to think of a reason to download this when there are much,much better free vsti's on this site.
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Nov 30 2009
  4  / 5
not bad for a freebie, i wish the notes could be held longer but other than that its not bad
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