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truc - Morphing multi-FX
truc use 2 xy pads to control 4 banks of effects.

Any 4 parameters. runs in manual or auto, random or LFO, all fully tempo-sync'd to your host .
  • 4 effect banks
     dirtifier – overdrive, bit crush, sample rate, variable state filter
     modulator – flanger, tempo sync LFO modulates auto-pan or ring mod
     delay – tempo sync delay with reverse, ping-pong and LP filter options
     granulator – tempo sync granulator, pitch shift and gate with random options
  • 2 independent xy pucks control; effect bank wet/dry level and/or relative volume or any 4 of 13 effect parameters
  • set the minimum levels of the pucks to change the sensitivity - lock bottom puck to the top puck to control both with one movement
  • either or both pucks can be independently set to ‘auto’, which moves the puck either randomly or by a configurable LFO, all in sync with host tempo
  • seeded randomisation with option to loop
  • switch unused effect banks off saves CPU
  • master volume and wet/dry levels
  • over 100 presets, from subtle to mental
  • all controls have MIDI CC’s assigned with MIDI learn option

(2.1 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Dec 23 2009
  4  / 5
Weird effects, cool sound. Hard to use.
May 07 2012
I agree with Simon for the most part. It's definitely worth checking it out and see if it fits into the type of sounds you like to create.
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