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Arch Avenger Pro Version 2
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Arch Avenger Pro Version 2 - Analog synth
This software synth has a smooth analog sound with enough bite to cut through a densemix.

There's enough feature's packed into this synth to keep you twidling for hour's and the delay fx really enhance the whole experience encompassing you in a wide stereo field.From analog brass's to fat bass's and leads all the way to wild fx, enjoy.

New Features And Changes In Version 2:
  • Fully redesigned GUI featuring a 5 octave span graphic keyboard with mod wheel and bender,responds to mouse input 
  • Seedable random module(Gate) with frequency,seed,level,sync,cycles controls
  • Stereo chorus with wet&dry mix and three wave's
  • Added waveforms-"sine,white noise&pink noise to oscillators 1+2 
  • Five new presets for a total of 65 presets,also some of the presets from version 1.0 have been enhanced and or replaced

(1.6 Mb)


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Nov 20 2013
  5  / 5
Its only 1.56 Mb- common dudes, it's not that bad of a CPU hog
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Mar 26 2012
  5  / 5
Version 2 is better than 1 and indeed this is a powerfull synthesizer. Needs a strong OS though, but nowadays dual cores and 4GB ram are standards. Highly recommended !
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Oct 25 2011
  0  / 5
locks up my pc
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Feb 04 2011
  Greasp Comms
  ?  / 5
Good synth! nice for bass
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Dec 19 2010
  ?  / 5
esta bueno pro no es el mejor
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