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P-600 II - SCI Prophet 600 emulation
The P-600 II is an emulation of the SCI Prophet 600.

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Nov 20 2015
  Some useful sounds
  4  / 5
Useful synth. For those who have problems with sound not stopping, go through all ARP modes, it stops the sound... Bug, probably.
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Jul 12 2014
  ?  / 5
As Mr. Chaz Mania implies, P-600 II doesn't react to any MIDI signals, even though we use a VSTHOST or a SAVIHOST. It may have an internal programming mistake against MIDI signals.
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Jun 19 2011
  Chaz Mania
  ?  / 5
Midi channel? really what is the trick here? i see midi in my program but many of the plugins do not respond to my midi i try every channel and nothing.. some plugs just fine this one you cant even set the channel? uggg
Apr 26 2012
Check your Midi gear. I use it inside Reaper and VST Host (Seib) with no problems. Just assign any midi channel from host to it :-). Also you can use Hermann Seib's Savihost x86 and have it as a standalone instrument on your desktop !
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May 17 2010
  5  / 5
Another great synth. I still have the original with its presets in cassette tape(!!), but I got this one too 'cause is so close to the original and can have these sounds inside my Host/multitracker/Seq and get to work !
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