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Autodafe Synth - 3 osc analog synth
the Autodafe Synth, a 3 osc. analog synth.
  • 3 OSC, each one with ADSR control and Level
  • 3 Filters (LP, HP, BP, BR, Notch) and envelope setting, one for each OSC
  • Global Filter LFO
  • Global OSC LFO
  • Effects section (Delay, Chorus and Reverb)

(1.1 Mb)


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Jan 01 2020
  4  / 5
Hey, Torquemada! Whaddya say?! I just got back from the Auto da Fe! The Auto da Fe! What's the Auto da Fe? It's what you oughtn't to do, but you do anyway!
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Jan 31 2018
  VST Review
  4  / 5
Very simple to use and create a wide range of sounds very quickly. It has a very deep growling filter that sounds pretty cool.
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Feb 02 2014
  Hollopo Nigeria
  ?  / 5
Nice Tune and great work, thanks for all your efforts and free plugins.. B8 organ is cool too.. I wanted to donate but I don't have any online account, am from Nigeria west Africa. Please create an easy means to donate.
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Apr 13 2013
  3  / 5
Kind of lags my program. Creates okay sounds.
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Aug 21 2010
  5  / 5
you did a good job for the 1st time. compliments
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