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GHi - High-pass filter
GHi is a resonant high-pass filter.

It has three simple controls and one useful purpose. It filters out frequencies above a user-defined cut-off frequency, and adds variable amounts of resonance at that point.
  • Gain.
  • Cut Off.
  • Res.
  • Peak Display.

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Dec 30 2016
  5  / 5
I use this for cutting hiss from vintage recordings and it does the job superbly. I often use this simple but effective filter for derumbling of LP tracks, and it performs the task very well indeed. In fact, it is the best filter that I have found for this type of low frequency work.
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Sept 25 2012
  ?  / 5
This is a really bad, amateurish high-pass filter. Even with the cutoff at 20 HZ the Gain affects all the audible range! A proper High-Pass filter should leave the gain of the high frequency range above the cutoff frequency intact and adjust only the gain of the frequencies bellow the cutoff range.
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