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The blooo
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The blooo - Analog synth

The blooo is a VST polyphonic based on the classic subtractive synthesis architecture.

It is written in native C++ code for high performance even on "lighter" systems.

  • Up to 32 voices polyphony including portamento.
  • 2 band-limited oscillators including Ring modulation and hard sync.
  • 4 oscillator waveforms (sawtooth, pulse, sawpulse, sine) with shape control.
  • Additional white noise generator.
  • 2 multi-mode four-pole filters (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass, phaser) with resonance and panorama control.
  • 3 envelopes (ADSR) with exponential slopes.
  • 3 low frequency oscillators (LFOs) with tempo synchronization.

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  V 2.1.4
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  V 2.1.4
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  V 2.1.4
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  V 2.1.4


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Feb 15 2018
  5  / 5
If I had to choose just one synth it's this one. Unbelievable range of sounds you can make. At first I wasnt sure Id like this updated GUI because I was so used to the older slider version. But I like it even more. Extremely easy to use.

Sept 22 2017
  5  / 5
One of the best freeware VA synths. More versatile than it seems at first sight.

Aug 26 2017
  ?  / 5
Simply amazing. Got right away with it and fell in love. Thank you for providing this beautiful instrument.
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Apr 15 2017
  random individual
  5  / 5
The shape control really makes this synth shine in it's versatility, the portamento makes everything funky as hell and saw waves have their own nice sharp brassy sound. Top of the freeware domain. Excellent warpy filters too when the resonance is up and the cutoff down.

Dec 18 2015
  theBlooo Is God in VST form!
  5  / 5
All these years later this is still the top in my book! This can do so much and with great ease. Some say it's difficult to figure out but once you got it the sky is the limit! And on top of that it's very cpu efficient. If I were stranded on an island and could only use one vst... this would be it!

May 27 2015
  Synth God
  5  / 5
This synth is one of the most versatile vsts out there. If I hear a sound in my head, this can probably make it! Yes... it has a noise generator!

Mar 16 2014
  5  / 5
Once you spend a little time learning, you can make this thing your bitch and make any sound you want!

Nov 14 2012
  5  / 5
this kitty can purr!

Nov 16 2011
  4  / 5
This one sounds excellent. The GUI is a bit strange, but the sound makes it worth the effort.

Oct 12 2010
  5  / 5
Love this one just for the phazed solina string sound!!