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1208 GEQ - 11 band graphic EQ
1208 GEQ is a classic eleven band graphic equalizer with adjustable Q, individual band bypass, & a light dab of mojo.

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  V 1.1.0
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  V 1.1.0


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Nov 07 2018
  4  / 5
Another very good plugin. It is worth the price for the paid version. However, in terms of free plugins, I think it's outclassed by Voxengo Marvel GEQ. Still, worth checking out and keeping an eye out for this developer.
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Jul 10 2018
  4  / 5
Better than FLS's Parametric EQ2 because it's easier to use & understand. You can be brain dead & know exactly what to do to shape a great sound the minute you slide any one of those knobs. Used it one time & now my default EQ tool. The design is good. The name is lame. But it's power is instant & significant. FYI: I'm a jack@$$ so if a vst gets 5 stars: it's easy to master, bug-free, & profoundly delivers its intended purpose.
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Apr 30 2018
  0  / 5
Crashes OBS Studio
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Feb 16 2018
  1208 Audio
  ?  / 5
Updated to version 1.0.5. Mono track crash has been fixed so the mono and stereo versions have been removed. No need for seperate versions now.
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