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Aegis - Amiga Sonix synth
Aegis VST is inspired by the old Amiga Sonix synth.

Main features are the Drawable Oscillator and LFO waveforms, and a special type of Phase Distortion.
  • 1 Drawable Oscillator. (128 samples).
  • 1 Drawable LFO, that can be used as an envelope.
  • ADSR with adjustable slopes.
  • Two types of Phase Distortion/Modulation.
  • A Low-Pass Filter.
  • Can add Harmonics to the Drawable waveform.
  • Waveform copy and paste.

(2.53 Mb)
  V 1.0


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Apr 02 2015
  ?  / 5
Back in the days I did my first approach on music with Aegis Sonix on my Amiga 500. I managed to save some modest work. If you like to check the original Sonix sound try this: http://noname500.bandcamp.com/album/early-works-1994-1998 . Cool VST instrument!
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Mar 05 2015
  ?  / 5
A wonderful synth, brilliant!!
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Feb 16 2015
  5  / 5
This synth is deceptively simple. It's interface encourages tweaking and is well laid out. The lack of knobs makes it easy to see your settings at glance. A wide range of presets shows it's versatility and make good starting points. Add some chorus, delay, or reverb and it really shines. Thank you for a fun plugin.
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