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Bachelard - Delay / filter / reverb
Bachelard features a delay module with a filter section and a reverb module with a second filter section.

Many parameters can be controlled with key tracking. The effect also features 3 LFOs and a modulation matrix. The 3 LFOs have 5 different waveforms to choose from and 3 different ways to control the oscillator speed. They also have a trigger function controlled by MIDI note commands. Parameters that feature key tracking can also be assigned to different MIDI channels for extra flexibility.
  • Delay featuring, free, sync to host and key tracking (KTr) controlled rate
  • Delay feedback also features a KTr switch
  • Reverb parameters, size, width, damp and mix
  • Reverb size and mix controls also have KTr switches
  • Both effects have identical filters, 2 self oscillating SVs
  • The cutoff on the filters can also be set to KTr
  • 3 identical LFOs with free, sync to host and KTr rate control
  • Each LFO can be assigned in the modulation matrix to several destinations: delay rate, feedback, cutoff and resonance, reverb size, width, damp, mix, cutoff and resonance.

(2.1 Mb)


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Aug 01 2016
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Nov 18 2011
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not good. very bad delay
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