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Blue Cat Chorus - Vintage chorus
Blue Cat's Chorus is a vintage chorus effect.

From a light ensemble to a deep destructive modulation effect, Blue Cat's Chorus can just do anything, for free! The Chorus effect was originally designed to simulate several voices, just as if several persons were playing together the same notes, but with a variable delay between them. This is one of the typical effects that you can get with Blue Cat's Chorus.

But this plug-in also enables you to drastically change the original sound and create deep pitch modulation or crazy 'bubbling' effects. With the additional "Spread" control on the stereo version, the famous stereo widening and head spinning chorus effects are a few click away.
  • Single voice vintage chorus effect.
  • Stereo spread control.
  • Sine or triangle LFO shapes.
  • In or out of phase mix control.
  • Native DSP code for optimal performance.
  • Full MIDI control and automation support with silent, zipper-free parameters update, advanced response control and MIDI Learn.
  • No CPU load on idle: when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down, to optimize the CPU usage of your Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Skinnable and customizable user interface with transparency management.
  • Smooth Bypass: activate/deactivate the plug-in with absolutely no noise.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Full featured integrated presets manager.
  • Any sample rate supported.

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  V 4.1
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Apr 02 2016
  composer c
  5  / 5
Beats Khjaerhus Classic Chorus by a country mile. Beats EVERY well known, popular freeware chorus that I've used. (And I've probably used them All!) It's presets are excellent, and instantly useable, giving a very analog/hardware sound which is hard to describe as anythin either than "lush". TLDR: By FAR the best chirus plugin ever made. I give it 5/5*
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Mar 02 2016
  5  / 5
Rewelacyjny chorus, szczególnie pod czyste brzmienia gitar.
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Jun 13 2014
  5  / 5
Very usable, again not harsh and would not let you down for a quality sound, based on the eventide clockwork models of the 1970's a very nice plugin.
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