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Chimecho - Spectral delay
Chimecho is a spectral delay which splits the signal into 16 bands and applies a different delay to each individual band.

Start and finish sliders are used to select the first and last delay, with those delays between them are interpolated values using this start / finish values properties.
  • Start/Finish Len - length of delays.
  • Start/Finish feedback - feedback of delays.
  • Start/Finish volume - volume of delays.
  • Start/Finish LFO Speed - speed of delay LFO.
  • Start/Finish LFO Width - width of delay LFO.
  • Sliders - left button + move mouse, shift + left button - fine controls.
  • Start/Finish Freq - Freqency of bands.
  • Q - Bandwidth of bands.
  • Dry - dry volume.
  • Pan Width / Speed - pan LFO width and speed.
  • Side Delay / Feedback - allows other bands to affect the current delay, the side delay value currents the band offset , so for side delay of +1 then band 1 has crossfeedback from band 2, band 2 from band 3 and so. Side Feedback controls the amount of this crossfeedback.

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