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Clap of Luxury
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Clap of Luxury - Clap sound
Clap of Luxury can virtually produce any synthetic clap sound in existence.

It uses a syncable noise algorithm, precisely amplified and applied to 3 filters.

(1.4 Mb)


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Oct 20 2018
  4  / 5
Interesting sound, not bad. Being on a 64-bit system and having to use jBridger, most settings aren't working for me. I can edit settings, but as soon as I play something, most settings in both the Filters section and the Envelope section go back to default. I don't know if this is a problem with this VST, however I suspect it's a problem with the bridging. Regardless, even the few knobs I can turn allow for lots of variation, and it's still a rather useful little plugin. Thank you!
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Sept 06 2016
  The other Quincy Jones
  ?  / 5
Dead handy (geddit ?). Very useful, thanks. :-)
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Feb 23 2015
  3  / 5
very nice!
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