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D2 - Compressor
D2 is an all-rounder compressor with an easy to use interface.

It demonstrates the compressor algorithms of its big brothers, bathtub and sidearm while keeping the interface simple for quickly dialling in some common settings. D2 can be heavy or subtle, razor quick or gentle, clean or dirty and is happy as an insert or buss compressor.
  • Stereo compressor with gain reduction meter
  • True stereo, each channel is compressed independently
  • Threshold down to –40dB
  • Ratio 1.5:1 to infinity
  • Attack from 0-30 ms
  • Release from 5ms to 2.4s
  • Make-up gain to 20dB
  • VU meter shows actual and peak levels of gain reduction
  • Dirt option gives added distortion and enhancement
  • All control parameters named and mapped to midi CC

(1.7 Mb)


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Jun 05 2019
  3  / 5
I like this one more than dlM sixtyfive from the same developer but both of them aren't nothing special.
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Jan 05 2018
  0  / 5
Instant crash in my old version of Nuendo.
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Jul 14 2017
  0  / 5
I love what this does for guitars but its a risky plugin to run. It uses major CPU power and randomly Freezes my DAW.
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Aug 26 2016
  4  / 5
Great all around compressor. Doesnt use much memory and runs well. I use it when I need a quick fix.
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Nov 09 2015
  5  / 5
This is one of my fave compressors! It's so lightweight and does the job 5 out of 5!!!!!!
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May 21 2010
  5  / 5
Wow... This VsT is very pratical, and easy to use! For me, D2 could become an indispensable Signal compressor these next days ! Try it, because it's very easy and pratical !!
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