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DM-Container - Sequencer / Multi-track recorder

The Digital Musician Container (DM-Container) software is the central working tool of digitalmusician.net.

It is a fully functional sequencer and multi-track recorder with the added benefit of being able to record projects with other musicians, on and offline, with a standard internet connection. Just think of the DM-Container as a multi-track machine that other users can connect to with a broadband connection.

  • Multi-track recording software with integrated online audio file transfer functionality (number of tracks is only limited by the performance of your system)
  • Rewire support (master and slave).
  • Direct peer to peer connection with the partner. Now up to 3 members in real-time. (New Feature!)
  • VST Plug-In integration (New Feature!)
  • Drag and drop audio files between DM-Container  and sequencer/DAW.
  • Offline option where project data is automatically synchronized via the DMN server
  • New audio wave file display. All important edit functions are supported. (New Feature!)
  • Integrated Send File utility to transfer high quality audio files
  • Video conference system via webcam
  • Extended chat feature. (New Feature!)
  • Full integration with the digitalmusician.net website. (New Feature!)
  • ASIO and Core Audio support.
It's available now as a free download for all DMN members.


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Oct 20 2010
  5  / 5
Love it
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