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EX-EQ - Enhanced EQ
EX-EQ is an enhanced EQ.
  • Mono / Stereo Versions.
  • Low Freq: 20 - 120 Hz Pultec Style / 18 dB Boost and Cut Control.
  • Mid Freq: 100 - 900 Hz / 18 dB Boost Control. Bandwidth Control.
  • High Freq: 1 kHz - 16 kHz / 18 dB Boost Control. Bandwidth Control.
  • High Cut: 18 dB Cut Control.
  • Plug-in EQ On/Off Switch.
  • Outpul Level Control.

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  V 1.0


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Jan 02 2018
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This is a really odd eq. You can only select certain frequencies. You can only boost the mids or cut the highs. I can't really fathom what tasks this thing would ever be used for. Certain settings seemed to make my speakers do this weird "WHOOM" sound. CPU usage is moderate. Yeah i can't think of much that's good about this eq except that it didn't crash my DAW.
Mar 14 2020
Hey john ! I totally agree with you about how dumb it is to just adjust certain frequencies and not a frequency of our choice. But if you look at many hardware/Analogue EQs they all have fixed frequencies to work on too...And people actually love them,and they also use their emulations in their DAWs too. These frequencies are much carefully planned and place such that it can be used for something.
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