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EchoLive - Echo
EchoLive features a tap tempo function which makes it easy to create echoes that fit the timing of a live band.
  • the delay time can be defined by tapping the tempo with the mouse or on a midi keyboard
  • alternatively the delaytime can also be set manually or synchronized with the host application
  • tape model including tape saturation, tape hiss, wow & flutter, low and high pass filtering, smooth parameter for continuous delay time changes like on a real tape delay
  • stereo-control: ping pong delay, time symmetry, stereo width
  • all parameters are controllable by midi controllers

(1.2 Mb)


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Jul 07 2017
  5  / 5
Just what I was looking for to replace my delay pedal for playing live. The only vst with a simple but flexible tap tempo that I could find. The sound is great too, textured and great for synths.
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Sept 16 2014
  Luis Tamayo Zegers
  3  / 5
I tried it but I didn't understand anything.
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May 22 2014
  Jan Roos
  5  / 5
NOT terrible sound. Jesus, it's a tape and saturation delay, it's SUPPOSED to sound that way, old and worn out. Some people's eagerness to bash things they clearly don't understand... This is a great delay for that retro Boards Of Canada sound.
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Nov 08 2013
  Joash Oteba
  ?  / 5
The best echo I've ever used.
May 18 2014
Totally agree. Especial for old keys and guitar.
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Nov 18 2011
  0  / 5
Very terrible sound. Terrible echo.
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