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FMMF - FM synth
FMMF is a 4 operator FM  synthesizer.

2 primary aims:
Make FM synthesis as accessible and user-friendly as possible.
Use multi-stage envelopes and LFOs to make give lots of movement and modulation.
  • 4 Operator FM Synthesis instrument with 17 FM algorithms
  • 11 different waveforms per operator, with note sync option
  • 7 Multi-segment Envelopes (up to 32 stages) for amp, pitch and effects modulation
  • 3 LFO’s for pitch and effects modulation
  • All envelopes can be free or tempo-sync, each stage can have it’s own contour
  • Envelopes can have user defined sustain and repeat points with flexible locking and zeroing options
  • LFO’s can be free or tempo sync, with 20 waveforms and phase & note sync options
  • Each LFO has it’s own ADSR envelope
  • Arpeggiator with 6 modes and adjustable tempo-sync, note length and octave range
  • Resonant low pass filter with key and velocity tracking, can be modulated by envelopes or LFOs
  • Distortion effect with 18 flavours, can be modulated by envelopes or LFOs
  • Delay with comb delay option, size, feedback and damping, modulated by envelope or LFO
  • Harmonics can be adjusted from 1 to 256, with limit on frequency beyond Nyquist
  • Polyphony adjustable from 1 to 16 voices
  • Portamento time
  • 64 presets by brian botkiller covering many styles

(2.6 Mb)
  V 1.0


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May 05 2017
  ?  / 5
win7 x86 unfortunately crashes all daws..
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Jan 08 2013
  4  / 5
Probably the best free FM synth. I don't really like FM synths that well, but this this sounds great. The GUI is FUGLY. I love de la Mancha basic 64 as well. This guy is a very talented programmer. I mean this won the KVR Developer challenge. That should tell you something.
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Oct 12 2012
  5  / 5
AMAZING!! if you don't wanna pay in native instruments massive
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Sept 08 2010
  ?  / 5
very very very advanced machine, for those who like to put down some dreamy freaky or whatever, it's all here!!
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Aug 13 2010
  5  / 5
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