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Fantasi - Organ
Ten Component vintage organ simulator.

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Feb 25 2018
  Orlando Souza
  5  / 5
Muito show, obrigado por dedicar seu tempo para fazer algo que somarĂ¡ na vida de outras pessoas.
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May 27 2014
  POS master
  0  / 5
It might be okay if this and every other Safwan Matni plugin didn't sound like the samples were taken from 6th generation cassette duplicates converted to 32kbps MP3 then recorded using a webcam mic picking up audio from a pair of headphones turned up really loud across the room... with toilets flushing in the background.
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Feb 12 2012
  ?  / 5
DO not waste your time! There are better synths on this website
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Jun 24 2010
  2  / 5
Don't want to be Mr.Negativity, but I ended-up dropping this and the other Safwan Matni stuff from my plug-ins folder, because they just weren't offering me anything fresh or original. I don't mind when presets don't sound anything like 'flutes' or 'guitars', or whatever, so long as they still sound interesting, but this just didn't do it for me. Sorry,guys.
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Feb 14 2009
  yusef mou
  3  / 5
Mate I'm all outta gas, catch me if you can, cause i'm the vst man, if you think this shit is wrong, you should check out FANTASI, now that's a real ORGAN, and the rest are VST's
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