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Four Seasons - drawable oscillator synth
Four Seasons is a rather simple experimental synthesizer that allows you to draw the oscillator.

Envelope control and some filters/effects are also included.

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Jul 01 2018
  Fast McBulbous
  0  / 5
Just... no. Everything about this... CREATION... is like a putrid malfunctioning mutant fetus that is being kept alive in an underground, government funded scientific facility and it begs you to kill it as it painfully slurs its words to you. Pure horseshit.
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Jun 21 2018
  3  / 5
Aint that bad if used right
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May 21 2018
  ?  / 5
Based gutta brought me here
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Mar 15 2018
  Sandblock Bass
  0  / 5
My god is this thing terrible. If you somehow happened upon this page, leave now. You have been warned!
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Nov 14 2014
  Mucky Varese
  1  / 5
It's pretty much worldsplayer.dll, if it had more than one drawable oscillator it might be decent. Don't bother.
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