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Graillon FE - Voice octaver
Graillon FE is a new kind of voice octaver that tracks pitch frequency and mixes shifted copies of the input voice with itself.

Only the voiced part of the signal is changed (ie. vowels and voiced consonants). The unvoiced part of the signal (ie. voiceless consonants) is left untouched, to preserve the original speech's intent. For latency reasons, GRAILLON uses frequency-shifting as opposed to pitch-shifting. So the result will sound disharmonic, especially for the high notes.

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Oct 30 2016
  Experienced Vocalist
  0  / 5
This VST is pointless. All features are locked and there is no octaver happening at all. It's good to add grit to your voice or if you want to destroy your melody into a cheap robot grunting. Try again, or allow more features so we might actually be exciting about upgrading to the full deal.
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Sept 16 2016
  Loopita Sampling
  ?  / 5
So interesting VST to add special FX with the voice recordings. Useful.
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