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Introjector - Loop re-sequencer
Introjector Lite allows you to re-sequence loops.

The simplest use is to load an existing Loop, and then Re-Sequence it using the onboard Sequencers. This can then automatically be recorded out ready to import into any other application which uses Loops. The Recordings are named by time created and stored in folders by BPM. However, Introjector is capable of much more than that, it can load up to 8 WAVs and then 16 slices of any combination of the WAVs can be made into a kind of Kit. These can then be played like a drum machine using the first 16 Midi Notes.

Additionally there are also 8 sequencers which can be played live via the next 8 Midi Keys. Like Black Magic the next 2 octaves on the midi keyboard can then be used to affect a selectable parameter, such as Pitch, so that the output can be played like an instrument. You can also switch Pitch off on selected slices so that only certain slices will respond to the pitch changes.

It also comes with the same effects used in Black Magic; SoundScaper, Stereo Delay, Flanger/Filter and a Compressor. Each Slice has an independent FX Enable so that only certain slices will be sent through, leading to interesting possibilities. There are also 2 Modulation Sequencers which can each be sent to 2 selected destinations.

Like all other HGSounds products, there are randomizers everywhere, including a global Random which will create unique loops with every click. The random amounts are all adjusted to ensure results are usuable as much as possible.

(30.1 Mb)


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Oct 24 2014
  simon adams
  ?  / 5
I love this sound
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Mar 19 2012
  ?  / 5
quite interesting
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Oct 17 2010
  not kool
  0  / 5
not good
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Apr 19 2010
  5  / 5
i like it
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