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K1Ks - Analog synth
K1Ks is an attempt to create a synth with a more analog sound.

Inspired by the sounds of the succesful TV series Stranger Things.

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May 17 2019
  Miles LeBlanc
  2  / 5
It keeps breaking, this synth will have a period of audio coming from it or output, then all of a sudden it won't play sound at all and so you have to constantly recopy what you made in it and route it to the channel you had it in. It hurts me to say this, because it's a synth I really like, it's just too damn non functional for it's own good.
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Mar 22 2019
  Miracles Happen
  5  / 5
Fantastic presets that you can easily use for any type of music. It works perfectly in LMMS (Linux 64). Sometimes the sound seems to be reverberating a bit too much but you can fix it by adjusting the filter unless you need a slightly distorted pitch. I understand why it was inspired by Stranger Things: great job!
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