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Kobe - Modular synth
Kobe is a semi-modular synth.

It's limited to 3 voices due to its high resources consumption.
  • 4 analog oscillators
  • 2 Phase distortion oscillators
  • 2 sample players and 2 soundfont oscillators
  • 5 envelopes
  • 6 multimode filters

(0.9 Mb)


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Aug 07 2009
  3  / 5
This synth sounds really nice, but it's a CPU hog. You can get better sounds from other machines without sacrificing your processor.
May 06 2012
Of course it was a CPU eater, but in fact each filter/oscillator unused is a module that doesn't take CPU cycles. The last version has 12 voices, but i'm unsure if I put that online...
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