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LittleArpy - Monophonic arp/sequencer
LittleArpy is a monophonic arp/sequencer.

It takes one note as input and shifts it's pitch according to a sequence, it DOES NOT collect notes from a chord being played and arpeggiate them.

I made this after trying to recreate the "shimmering waterfalls" sound from Ozric Tentacles which can be heard easily on their song Crackerblocks. Unfortunately, it's difficult to achieve so I made LittleArpy instead.

The shimmering waterfalls sound can be approximated by making a minor or major sounding sequence and running it at fast speeds (1/64-Dot) through delay and a reverb with mostly only the wet signal on, then moving the Bandpass Filter around.

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Feb 09 2020
  4  / 5
I already have beaucoup monophonic arps and sequencers thanks to this here nifty site, but my experience with TED products so far, being superb, I am hitting download instantly. I am guessing that the chorus/delay/reverb/phaser tools you just released are part of this Ozric experiment as well?, so they go in the bag too...
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Feb 09 2020
  ?  / 5
Love the Ozrics. That alone made me download this!
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